GM Tips 15 – Designing an RPG Campaign Using Eastern European Themes

What kind of homebrew campaigns have you designed for your players? Do they center in a western world city? Asia? Egyptian? How about setting? Is it modern, futuristic or fantasy? Many people center their campaigns on several of the following RPG Systems: Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, Shadowrun, Cypher System from Monte Cooke Games, Savage […]

GM Tips 14 – NPCs, What Are They To Your Campaigns and Are They Recurring

What kinds of NPCs do you create for your campaign? One Shot Obstacles or recurring thorns in the parties plans? Fellow adventurers/mercenaries to help the party through the campaign? Merchants of invaluable information and resources? Side scenery? I discuss all of these roles for NPCs and more. I also discuss how to make them colorful, […]

GM Tips – Running a sea/river/ocean based campaign revisted

One of the most special campaigns I first ran in Pathfinder was Skull and Shackles. And, through it, I fell in love with water based campaigns. These campaigns bring a special flare to fantasy RPGs. Water based campaigns introduce new skill uses, professions, encounters and challenges. Sailing from Isle to Isle or underwater adventures to […]

GM Tips #9 – Fey Creatures in your Fantasy RPG

Have you utilized the Tricksters and royalty of the First World Realm in your campaigns as a GM? Do your players cringe at the madness, evasive nature and etiquette of the Fey Kingdoms? Are redcaps a creature of fear in your campaign? Are dryads the regal and artistic royalty of the wooded groves of your […]

GM Tips #8 Lycanthropes in your campaign

Are Lycans/Lycanthropes feared in your game? Are they the powerful creature of legend and ferociousness that they should be? Are they power packs that drive the party to be on the run as the hunted versus the hunter? Or are they more a creature that silver harms? Lycanthropes, Skin Walkers and true Were creatures are […]

GM Tips#7 Variety is the spice of expanded roleplay

Variety is the spice of expanding your roleplay. Players and GMs, try new races, classes and playing the opposite sex if you haven’t before. It will expand your Roleplaying experience and add to your skills. GMs,including a variety of NPCs for the players to interact with of different races and classes will make a location […]

GM Tips #6 Theism or Non-Theism in Game

Use of theism, anti-theism, agnosticism and atheism in a campaign can create great fun and challenges for the pcs. Get to know each and use it to spark deeper character development, roleplay and obstacles. AntiTheist characters or NPCs see religion and gods/goddesses as meddlesome trouble to be removed from their lives. Agnostic characters see not […]

GM Tips #5 – Keeping Players Off “The Railroad”

As GMs and DMs, we put in lots of hours creating fun campaigns, adventures and story arcs. Fun locations, jaw dropping challenges and Titan like clashes fill our mind’s eye….until our players take a detour we didn’t plan for or expect. They took a hard left when we planned for straight. So what does a […]

GM Tips #4 – Troublesome Players

Player personalities can range from very helpful, animated, bored, sarcastic and conflictive. How does a GM handle the more troublesome ones? Here are some thoughts: 1. Write material in your campaign that will engage their personality. 2. Help the rules oriented experts in the group to be a vital part of making play more cohesive […]

GM Tips 3 (Extra) A GM’s Time is Valuable

So often, as creatives, we GMs and DMs move from idea to idea and try to make them into reality. Using tools, such as template forms like: Campaign sheets Country Template Sheets City/Settlement Sheets NPC Sheets Magic Item Sheets Army Sheets.   Use of these kinds of sheets is a vital asset to overlook. It can sometimes […]

GM Tips #2 – Player Character Backgrounds

A character’s background enriches campaign play. Often, tying subplots into these backgrounds leads to players being more invested in the campaign. Don’t just make them come up with a great background and fail to utilize it. Allow it to help write an epic adventure!

GM Tips 1 – The Responsibility of a DM/GM

As we start the new year, I want to bring the following to mind. As GM’s, we have the following responsibilities: Develop a compelling call to action that moves the party of players to accept. And, if they don’t accept the call, what will be the resulting fall out from not. Design obstacles that will […]