GM Tips #8 Lycanthropes in your campaign


Are Lycans/Lycanthropes feared in your game? Are they the powerful creature of legend and ferociousness that they should be? Are they power packs that drive the party to be on the run as the hunted versus the hunter? Or are they more a creature that silver harms? Lycanthropes, Skin Walkers and true Were creatures are to be feared. They are the hunters and shadows of legend. GM Tips takes a deep dive into making your campaign Lycan Scary.


I have been DMing since 1978 when the OD&D basic game came out. GMing experience includes Pathfinder RPG, Dungeons and Dragons OD&D, 1e, 2e, 3e and 3.5e, Gamma World, Paranoia (original) RPG, Pure Steam, D20 Modern, and Dead Lands Reloaded. I am a dad of three, fiancé and lover of all things geek.