GM Tips 3 (Extra) A GM’s Time is Valuable

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So often, as creatives, we GMs and DMs move from idea to idea and try to make them into reality. Using tools, such as template forms like:

  1. Campaign sheets
  2. Country Template Sheets
  3. City/Settlement Sheets
  4. NPC Sheets
  5. Magic Item Sheets
  6. Army Sheets.   Use of these kinds of sheets is a vital asset to overlook. It can sometimes feel like we are writing essays filling in the blank, but, it captures the key ideas of ours in an organized fashion. We can then go back and easily review these when experiencing idea lock or even burn-out. Use forms and keep them in a binder with sections for easy access.

GM Tips #2 – Player Character Backgrounds

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A character’s background enriches campaign play. Often, tying subplots into these backgrounds leads to players being more invested in the campaign. Don’t just make them come up with a great background and fail to utilize it. Allow it to help write an epic adventure!


GM Tips 1 – The Responsibility of a DM/GM


As we start the new year, I want to bring the following to mind. As GM’s, we have the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop a compelling call to action that moves the party of players to accept. And, if they don’t accept the call, what will be the resulting fall out from not.
  2. Design obstacles that will challenge/prevent the party from reaching the goal of the call to action.

The players then take over. It is not our job to decide how they will act, when they will act or what path they will take to act. They write the story from there, not us. It is not “our” story.

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