GM Tips #4 – Troublesome Players

Pathfinder Iconics from Paizo Publishing

Player personalities can range from very helpful, animated, bored, sarcastic and conflictive. How does a GM handle the more troublesome ones? Here are some thoughts:

1. Write material in your campaign that will engage their personality.

2. Help the rules oriented experts in the group to be a vital part of making play more cohesive with rules. Ask them to help with clarifications, help settle questions and arguments between players and praise their contribution.

3. Ask the sarcastic and conflict oriented ones how you can improve the sessions to make it more exciting for them.

4. Use the background stories they come up with and include parts of the session to engage them on this.

5.  Use humor, cheering and animated dialogue to make the players feel epic and heroic/villainous.

Dont get upset with those more challenging players. Instead, get creative!