GM Tips 15 – Designing an RPG Campaign Using Eastern European Themes


What kind of homebrew campaigns have you designed for your players? Do they center in a western world city? Asia? Egyptian? How about setting? Is it modern, futuristic or fantasy? Many people center their campaigns on several of the following RPG Systems: Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, Shadowrun, Cypher System from Monte Cooke Games, Savage Worlds, Fate! RPG or others.

I discuss how to design an eastern European (which varies greatly from west) flavored campaign setting,. How is Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, etc…) different from West? What superstitions, mysticism and religion exist? I draw from references in the Underworld Movies, Rule of Fear (from Paizo Publishing), Irrisen, Dracula, Van Helsing and others to form a clear picture to help design this.

Pharasmin Church in Caliphas Ustalav